Paint - New & Improved Lazy Range

It’s really all in the name! The same great paint, but we’ve added in the wax.

The Lazy Range is a totally unique chalk and mineral paint with a wax infusion and has all the Frenchic qualities you have grown to know and love.

It is self priming, self levelling and self sealing with no odour and is a smooth and gorgeous paint with excellent coverage. It is robust and it really is a 'paint & go' as it needs no buffing nor sealing! Simply dip, paint and go!

It is also wipeable, certified EN:71-3, so is safe to paint children's toys etc and dries in a couple of hours. It can also be sprayed too.

Frenchic's Lazy Range paint is so simple to use:

  1. Prepare your surface: Make sure your piece is at least clean and dry - A light sanding will help the new paint to adhere and gives a smoother finish
  2. Before applying give your paint a stir so that the wax mixes with the paint
  3. Paint 2 thin coats allowing the first coat to dry before applying the second
  4. Allow a few hours to dry - Leave as is for a matte finish or buff for a shinier one
Paint - New & Improved Lazy Range
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