Paint - Chalk Wall Paint

Luxurious and practical, Frenchic Chalk Wall Paint is a washable, ultra matte chalk wall paint with very little odour.

With superior coverage, this revolutionary product will enhance any room it happens to grace. Applied in only 1-2 coats, it is breathable and durable yet still maintains all the beautiful and unique qualities you would expect from Frenchic.

As with all of our other products it is EN 71:3* certified and is ideal for painting nurseries and children's rooms.

Frenchic's Chalk Wall paint is so simple to use:

    1. All surfaces should be clean dry and prepared for painting.

    2. Apply using a brush or for best results a medium pile roller. Two coats are                  normally applied.

    3. The paint will be touch dry in 1 hour and hard dry within 2 hours.

Paint - Chalk Wall Paint
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